NEW on : run your online votes for your general assemblies including weight and anonymization

New on : you may have been familiar with our electronic voting keypads and were fond of their voting features? Their use has become obsolete we go back to onsite events… but don’t panic! The main features of AGM voting are available in!

Control access to the session

You can now control access to your lives. Several options are available to you:

  • either you let your live in free access (only a name or nickname will be asked to your participants)
  • or you ask your participants to identify themselves with their email address

If you activate the “Identification required” option, then you, as moderator, have the possibility to allow and deny access to each participant trying to join your live. You can manage access requests manually directly from the member list.

This option offers you a great flexibility since you can block or accept a participant during the live session. The participant will receive a pop-up indicating your approval or refusal.

It is also possible to configure access via :

  • guest list: list all participants for whom access is allowed
  • domain name: list the domain names for which access is allowed (for example: all email addresses ending with “@localhost” and “”)

Votes with weight

Another new feature we have just launched is the possibility to set up votes with weight. If you are conducting resolution votes in general meetings or elections on which you have to vote for candidates, this will be very useful!

Simply fill in the “Weight” column when you import your guest list to assign voting weights to the corresponding email addresses. This way, the weights will be reflected in their survey responses.
You can find the details of the votes taking into account the weight of each vote via the export of the results in the Statistics section.

Anonymous answers

In the case of a vote at a shareholders’ meeting, it is likely that you will have anonymization instructions. No problem! You can check the “Anonymous Responses” box in every poll if you want to keep this vote anonymous. Indeed, in the export of the results, you can check who voted but you will not see their answers and you can see the details of the answers without knowing who they correspond to!

Feel free to try today :