NEW on : discover our pre-made Angage templates for your meetings and share the floor with other speakers

Angage templates

New : the Angage templates are out! You were already aware of the fact that you can save your own posts and polls as templates. Then, we told you that you could also share them with your team members so they can use them as such or edit them and make them their own. Now, we have added a library of templates you can get inspired from to kick off your meetings and online events!Not only can you save drafts, but you can also use them as templates and share them with your team!

In the templates section, you will find different categories :

  • My templates

  • Team templates

  • Angage templates

Give a voice to other speakers

Another new feature we just released is the ability to give the floor to multiple speakers on video! Indeed, as an organiser, you can start a live video stream. You will now notice a little hand in your video player. When participants/speakers raise their hands to speak, by clicking on the little hand, the organiser can grant them the ability to speak and appear on camera.

The organiser can activate/deactivate the camera and/or screen of the participants that have asked to speak and been given the floor.

Feel free to try today :

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