Feature alert: What's new on Angage?

Meeting organisers are rejoicing as they finally have a platform that can add new levels of engagement for meeting participants.

The do-it-yourself (DIY) nature of Angage.live means that meeting organisers can set up, run and extract valuable data from the solution by themselves. This flexibility and affordability of the solution makes it ideal for meetings of all types and sizes – and because it is immediate to set up, organisers can use it for both ad-hoc meetings and comprehensively planned ones.

Since its recent launch, Angage.live has already been updated with new features that meeting organisers have asked for. The latest iteration of the solution includes these much-requested functions: 

Posts with images

Now, it’s even easier than ever to create unique and creative posts. With the ability to add images to your posts, you can easily attach your slides or charts to your feed and capture even more of your audience’s attention with more impactful content.

Crowd-generated word clouds

Interested in seeing what ideas or topics your audience wants to talk about most? Word clouds offer a visually-attractive alternative to polls. Simply ask participants to hashtag their favourite ideas, topics, products (or anything else being discussed) and Angage will automatically generate a word cloud that clearly displays the most popular topics and ideas – according to your audience.


We’ve taken polls to the next level of engagement by added points to polling options, enabling quizzes (where participants can earn points and climb a leaderboard). Additionally, you’ll also have visibility of which participants answered correctly, who were the fastest respondents, and more – making quizzes a must-have for gamified meetings.


Participants on the Angage.live platform can now express their thoughts more freely (and accurately) with emojis – bring a whole lot more fun to meetings!

5-star rating system

The newest Angage also features a 5-star rating system that allows participants to rate anything and everything during your meetings – from presentations to speakers, key topics, their mood, and more.

Presenter view

Presenters and meeting organisers can now control everything from their phone, using it like a remote control to push posts, display links, and much more.

Have a question?

To learn more about all the latest features in Angage, speak to your friendly Angage consultant today.

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