FEATURE ALERT: What's new on Angage.events?

At Angage, we are continuously improving our event app features to make the experience even more valuable for you. This time we made some amazing changes to our back office and integrated a new feature to boost attendee interaction.

Video Tutorials

To help you easily navigate through our Angage back office, we now offer video tutorials for various elements. You’re now being guided through essential steps and learn everything there is to know about our back office features.

Theme Studio Preview

We now offer an awesome and highly requested feature for the theme studio. Not only can you set all the color schemes for your app here, but now you can also watch a preview of how your color choices  look like on the front end of your app. This new feature simplifies making the correct color adjustments that you need by automatically showing you real time changes in your app.

Embedding Links & Video Streams

In this time of social distancing, streaming and virtual meeting platforms become more and more essential to daily business. To facilitate interactive meetings, you now have the option to embed links and video streams of your choice into Angage. All you have to do is to create your webinar from your favorite streaming tool (Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom, Wowza,…) and paste it onto the web viewer module. With this new feature, you can run your webinar and allow interactivity in 1 single place.

And the best news is yet to come: you can now attach a Q&A session to your webinar, video stream or embedded link and keep your audience engaged on one single platform. This way participants can ask questions or make statements during the webinar and upvote their favourite entries. As organisator of the meeting, it will help you manage participation by showing you clearly what the most asked questions are and simultaneously stimulate interaction between participants.

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