Tips for Creating an Amazing Post-Event Email

Bored of sending out the same old, “Thank you for attending our event” email? Chances are, your event attendees are tired of it too.

The first step to creating an awesome post-event email is to flip the switch and stop thinking about it as a “necessary gesture of appreciation” (if you’re doing so) – and realise that it’s an opportunity for you to:

  • Leave your guests with warm and fuzzy feelings

  • Further build your brand

  • Get valuable event feedback

  • And if it was a sales event, convert prospects into customers

Tip 1: Personalise your emails

The most personalisation you can include in your post-event email, the more sincere it will come across. You can create several templates for different groups of guests, or individualise every email (especially for VIP guests). Or at the very least, personalise each email with your guest’s name at the top.

Tip 2: Keep your message concise

The event’s already over, there’s no need to build up any more anticipation. Use your post-event email to deliver a heartfelt message that’s short, sweet and to the point. Your guests will appreciate (and read) it!

Tip 3: Include photos

This is especially important for intimate events with only a select group of guests. Photos (especially when participants see themselves in the photos) will allow your guests to relive the fun and joy of the big day.

Tip 4: Reward guests with useful takeaways

Did your speakers give insightful presentations with slides or videos that event attendees would love to have? If so, include download links to these takeaways as a genuine “thank you” that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Tip 5: Ask for feedback

In case you haven’t already gotten feedback on your event, now’s your final opportunity to do so. In fact, even if you used an event app or voting system to gather feedback before your event’s conclusion, you can always give participants another chance to with additional thoughts.

Finally, package everything beautifully

Now that you have good, heartfelt content to use in your post-event email, be sure to package it nicely in a professionally-designed electronic direct mailer (eDM). Compared to a plain text email, a beautiful eDM will really showcase your brand and let your guests know how much you value them.

Now go ahead and warm those hearts with your perfectly-crafted post-event email!

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