10 Enlightening Post-Event Questions to Ask Audiences

Regardless of how successful (or not) an event is, one crucial way that you can maximise your investment is by gathering post-event feedback from participants. And the best time to do so, is immediately after your event – whether this means using a voting system to gather their feedback on the final event day, or via email the very next morning.

This is our list of 10 enlightening post-event questions that every event planner should ask their audiences – so you can learn and gain value from your recently-concluded event.


Question 1: How did you find out about our event?

This answer will clue you in on whether you should place more of your future promotions efforts into email marketing, social media promotions, public relationships, referral programmes, or other forms of advertising and promotions.


Question 2: Why did you decide to attend this event?

The insights you gleam from this question could form the starting point for your next event. Finally, you’ll know exactly what motivated attendees to part with their time and money to join you for a few hours (or days).


Question 3: How did you find the accommodation/food/venue?

This can be split into multiple questions, as audiences will likely have different answers for each area. And these answers can shape how, and where, your next event takes place – as well as help you decide on dozens of other intricate (and important) event details.


Question 4: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate each speaker/entertainer?

Once again, this is a question that’s best split into separate parts. Attendees should share their ratings, thoughts and opinions on each speaker and/or entertainer – so you’ll know who to invite back, and who to leave off your next shortlist.


Question 5: How did you find the workshops/activities?

In addition to asking participants to rate each workshop (or activity), remember to also ask them for reasons why they enjoyed (or did not enjoy) each workshop. This way, you can plan your event workshops/activities to better suit target audiences.


Question 6: How did you find the networking opportunities?

Find out if your participants appreciated the quality of your networking activities, or if you could do better to connect similar-minded audience members with one another. (Perhaps by using an event app to facilitate communication?)


Question 7: Was the event solution (or technology) easy to use?

If you used event or meeting-related technology, such as a mobile event app or the Angage.live app, it’s important to ask audiences whether they found the technology intuitive – and if you did a good enough job of introducing the solution to the participant.


Question 8: Are you interested in finding out more about a product/solution that was featured at the event?

Your sales team will thank you for asking this question, and for passing them the contact details of the people who said “yes”.


Question 9: What did you dislike about the event? / How can we do better?

It takes a brave event planner to ask this question – but we guarantee that you’ll be glad you asked, as the feedback you gain from these answers could be priceless in helping you to fix mistakes.


Question 10: Will you recommend this event to your friends?

Similar to the question above, this is a viable way of getting leads for your sales team. If a person answers “yes”, follow up by asking for the contact details (mobile number or email address) of the people the participant is keen on recommending the event to. If needed, toss in a small gift (or other benefit) to incentivise people to pass you this information.

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