How to Give Excellent Post-Event Debriefs

Make no mistake about it, this often neglected aspect of event planning can make the difference between building progressively powerful events… and rehashing the same, lacklustre entertainment that audiences get bored of quickly.

But what makes a post-event debrief “excellent” though? One that covers these areas (and preferably even more):

  • Event Objectives: Consider your event’s goals and give an honest review of how well (or not) your event has met these objectives.

  • Budget: Was your event on budget? And even if it was, was your budget well-optimised – or could you have done even more with your budget?

  • Logistics: How well-run was the event in terms of venue and guest management, VIPs, Wi-Fi connectivity, accessibility and other logistical elements?

  • Registrations: Did registrations go as smoothly as expected? How could you improve the process for future events (at this venue or others)?

  • Time management: Did the various aspects of your event run (and end) on time? Did you have enough plans and contingencies in place to help speakers keep to their schedule?

  • Marketing and branding: Did you achieve your marketing and branding objectives? Were you able to reach your potential audiences effectively and convince them to attend?

  • Team (internal): How well did your team operate? Are there any gaps in communications or processes that should be ironed out before the next event?

  • Team (outsourced): Did your team of contracted staff (i.e. ushers, registration personnel and other part-timers or outsourced personnel) perform up to expectations?

  • Client management: If you’re running an events agency, how well did your team handle possibly the most important part of any event – client management?

  • Sponsor management: Were you able to secure the sponsorships you wanted? Importantly, did your sponsors believe that they received excellent value for their sponsorship dollars?

These are just a few aspects that a good debrief should look into. Create your own debriefing list and be sure to customise it to each specific event you’re in-charge of.

For more tips and advice on event planning, technology and solutions, keep reading our blog or chat with your friendly Angage consultant.

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