Collaborative Tools for Every Personality Type

Event planners may be excellent at getting a lot of things done themselves – but work always gets done faster, and better, when we’re part of a collaborative team.

Lucky for us, technology has made working in a team easy – whether we’re in the office, or on the road.  These are our favourite collaborative tools, ideal for every personality type.

The Lone Ranger: Slack

Whether by decision or circumstance, there may be times when we’re working remotely – away from our teammates. With technology, distance shouldn’t be an excuse for a lack of communication.

And Slack is a fantastic tool for bridging these gaps – bringing teams together in a common, virtual working space – keeping communication, ideas, and information flowing at all times.

The Space Hoarder: Google Drive

You know who you are – the person who never deletes a single file, even after you’ve backed it up – “just in case” you need to reference this one photo a few years down the road.

And if you’re into the habit of sharing huge directories of files with colleagues, this can quickly become an issue (especially if their laptops don’t have the same storage capacity as yours).  Fret not! Google Drive has all the space you need to store your files, or share huge project files/images with your teammates.

Just by signing in, you’ll have 15GB of free space. And with a monthly fee, that shared cloud storage space can go all the way up to 10TB. (Which even the most hardcore space hoarders will have trouble filling.)

The Social Butterfly:

Extroverts who need to work remotely find themselves in a unique situation – they’ve been gifted with the freedom, but crave for companionship. They miss interacting with their colleagues, discussing ideas during team meetings, and everyday interactions.  Fret not, to the rescue!

With this high-touch collaborative tool, up to 8 people can have a conversion in a chatroom. And with no downloads or logins needed, this means that your team can zip in and out of meetings (or social conversations) without skipping a beat!

 The Neat Freak: Trello

If you love keeping track of your projects with using neatly organised lists and Post-It notes, Trello is your ideal collaborative tool. With Trello’s simple-to-use interface of lists, checkboxes, and project “cards”, you’ll be zipping through projects and getting event preparations done in no time!

The Visual Thinker: GoVisually

To some folks, a picture really is worth a thousand words. If this looks like you, then GoVisually should be your go-to collaborative tool. GoVisually lets any of you, any of your team members, or even clients leave visual notes for you.

At a glance, you’ll be able to mark, sketch, and doddle the latest changes to your event floor layout, itinerary, or plans – without ever having to type out a single email.


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