What is Big Data, and Why It Matters to Event Planners

As an event planner, you may have heard of big data. It’s the newest, hottest trending term in the industry. Big data is hyped to turn the events industry on its head, with promises of incredibly detailed analytics, resulting in impressive ROIs (return on investments).

But what is big data?

Big data is bampleinformation

Put, big data is unstructured information relating to almost every activity at your event. This includes audience interaction, speaker engagement, spending habits, participation levels in activities before, during and after the event, and much more.

Big data is all that information collected (usually by technology such as an event app) and ready to be analysed by a team of experts.

The value is in the analytics

.While event planners can spend time deciphering the vast amounts of data provided by a good event app, this may be a job left to the experts, who usually provide event professionals with a detailed report of event analytics.

These analytics can be worth their weight in gold, giving an amazingly detailed look into every aspect of a recently concluded event. With this information, event planners can accurately:

  • Identify specific areas of the event participants were most interested in

  • Understand which products/services caught the attention of the audiences

  • Determine which speakers/presentations made the most significant impact on participants

  • Identify hot leads for sales teams to follow up on based on the engagement levels of individual event attendees

  • Plan for future events, focusing on particular areas of interest, revealed by analysing big data from the most recent event

Big data is an insight into a previously unseen world

Big data can and will reveal much more about your company, products, services, customers and events than you could imagine. And these insights alone could be more valuable than dozens of customer surveys and focus groups. When planning an event, every event planner wants to maximise their ROI.

With big data, they can now. So will you take advantage of big data in your following data? Chat with your friendly Engage team for more information on collecting, analysing and using big data in your events and business.


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