Are You Tracking Your Events? Here’s Why You Absolutely MUST.

Event managers and numbers often go together as well as mangoes and curry – they just don’t.  We get it. Your forte is in dashing around, making things happen, speaking with 15 different parties, thinking big and executing brilliant events – not sitting at a computer, crunching numbers.

But knowing your event statistics will make you a much better event planner.

Here’s why.

  • You’ll know who showed up: By tracking registrations, you’ll know exactly who turned up for your event – and who simply said they would, but bailed at the last minute.
  • You’ll know who returned: Better yet, keep track of your participants’ attendance every day (or even better, every session), and you’ll know which individuals kept coming back for more – and who stayed home after Day 1.
  • You’ll know what went right, and wrong: Remember to ask your attendees to give their honest feedback, and track it! The knowledge you’ll learn from this one simple (but admittedly scary) exercise can be incredibly valuable.
  • You’ll be able to measure what truly matters: By tracking feedback and engagement levels throughout your event, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of which parts of your event are going great, and which aren’t – perhaps it’s a particular speaker, performer, or activity that’s getting the crowds to jump up from their seats in excitement… or dash out of the hall from boredom. So you can plan future events with only the most engaging people and activities.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to plan better events

Numbers don’t lie. And with statistics giving you a detailed view of how every element of your event went, you’ll have a wealth of information on how to make future events better.

You’ll know what your audience wants, and how to best deliver it to them. You’ll be able to plan better, budget better, and engage better.

And it’ll all be thanks to your event tracking.

So, how can you track your events?

If all this sounds big and scary, don’t worry. It’s really quite simple if you have the right solution for the job – in this case, we’re recommending an event app that sits in your event attendees’ mobile phones, and allows participants to interact with your event personnel, speakers, and each other, all day.

Every single one of the interactions is recorded by the app, and will be collated by your PowerVote team – then presented to you in a detailed and easy-to-understand report – that you can immediately use to implement radically positive changes in all your upcoming events.

Get to know your events more intimately by tracking incredibly valuable event statistics – the knowledge gained could be worth much more than your investment.