Tips for Designing an Awesome Chatbot

Planning on using a chatbot to spice up your next event? Chatbots (such as the Angage Event Bot) are excellent for engaging prospects, turning them into event attendees, and keeping them engaged every step of the way.  And though it’s certainly possible to have a chatbot work seamlessly by integrating its “off the shelf” form directly into your website, you can improve your return on investment (ROI) on your chatbot by optimising it with a few tweaks to its script.


Remember, your chatbot isn’t just an answering service

Chatbots are great at answering questions, but all too often, they’re used for only that purpose. And while this alone could already save your team from answering hundreds of hours of customer enquiries, your chatbot can do more. Chatbots can also start, then continue conversations. Have your chatbot lead conversations by asking visitors questions. It can be related to your event, or simply questions about topics that your target audience loves talking about.

The more engaged your audience is with your chatbot, the longer they’ll stay on your site and the more likely they are to find information that will lead them to registering for your event (or if they’re already attending your event, the added engagement levels will lead to more satisfied event attendees).


Give your chatbot a personality

In general, chatbots are designed with personalities that are professional, making them suitable for almost any brand, product or service. But your brand voice may be big, loud and bold. Or it could be quirky, funny and casual.  To liven up the conversation and build your brand during these conversations, you may want to update the chatbot’s default script to add a strong brand voice and interesting character to the conversations it has with your audiences.


Tips for making your chatbot a little more chatty

Most people talk to chatbots because they want to ask a question, and the conversation usually ends after they receive an answer. But that’s not quality engagement – that’s a question and answering service. How can your chatbot keep the conversation going after the initial engagement?

With a little help from you. You’ll probably already know what your audiences will be asking your chatbot. Now, think of follow up topics that your chatbot could ask website visitors about.

Create a chain of conversation pieces that flow and connect smoothly, so your audiences can feel special, interested and engaged – without even having to know that they’ve been talking to a chatbot (and not a human).  Need some help getting started with a chatbot (or Event Bot) for your next event? Speak with the friendly team at Angage.


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