Why an Event Chatbot May Be Your Best Employee

Why an Event Chatbot May Be Your Best Employee

As an event organiser, wouldn’t you love to have an employee that would work around the clock, and make personal connections and speaking to event attendees wherever they are – answering (just about) every question they have about your event?  We’d love that too, except in almost every instance, it would be a crime to work any employee that hard. Except this one – an event chatbot. 


What’s an Event Chatbot?

Simply put, an event chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) that speaks to your audiences – wherever they are, at any time of the day. While event chatbots are still relatively new to the industry, their incredible versatility and fuss-free implementation is quickly leading towards their widespread adoption. Think about it.

One event chatbot can serve as your attendees’ personal concierge, answering event-related questions through a medium that’s simple for your audiences to use – texting.

How powerful will that be for your next event? 


Absolutely Fuss-Free, No Installation Required

Customer service professionals know that every additional step that a potential customer (or in your case, event attendee) must take before getting what they are, is one more opportunity for a potential customer, to become another lost lead. 

Chatbots eliminate any of the traditional (and modern) hassles event audiences are familiar with – dialling a customer service hotline and waiting for someone to answer, sending an email and waiting for a reply, or downloading an app and waiting for it to install or set up.


Chat Anytime, Anywhere

Most chatbots simply work using existing channels of communication, so your event audience can speak to your chatbot via their favourite channel – Facebook messenger, SMS, or a variety of other already-existing avenues. 

From a user’s standpoint, there’s absolutely nothing new to learn – if they can type into their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, they can communicate with your chatbot. 


What’s Brewing at Angage?

Over here at Angage, our audiences know us as the creators of the event-changing Angage Mobile Event App and powerful keypad voting solutions. But if there’s one thing our technology hasn’t been able to do, it’s speak to event attendees and answer their questions on the spot. 

Until now. We’ve seen the immensely critical role chatbots will play in events, in 2018 and beyond – and we’ve worked with leading industry experts to develop our very own event chatbot. Looking ahead, our chatbot perfectly complements our current suite of intelligent, technology-driven, people-inspired event solutions. 

We’ll tell you more about the Angage chatbot in the coming year, and share success stories from satisfied clients (like we always do with client testimonials).

If you’re eager to get on board and give our chatbot a test drive (before your competition does), just drop us a note.


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