Feature Alert: What's new on Angage?

Our flagship product is a fully managed solution meant to allow planners to increase engagement levels at their events and improve the overall experience for participants. Thanks to your precious feedback, we have come up with new features and we keep refining the Angage.events platform to meet your needs!

What’s New

A DIY platform

Modern event planners enjoy the flexibility and ease of use that do-it-yourself (DIY) platforms deliver. With less set up time and communication needed (between planners and the solution provider), the decision to jump onto the solution becomes an easier one to make – and one that can be made either month before an event, or just a few days prior to launch.

Now, the DIY nature of the Angage.events platform means that the service is more budget-friendly – making it ideal for happenings of all sizes. This means less stressing over decisions, and more time is dedicated to your event.

Group Alerts

Our “Alert” feature has been one of the more popular functions in Angage.events – allowing event planners to schedule alerts for either all participants, or just selected ones.

This feature has now gotten even more powerful with “Group Alerts”.

Now, you can separate participants into groups, then schedule customised alerts for each individual group – saving your team (potentially) hours of micromanagement. This also means that creating alerts on-the-fly (especially for breakout groups) has become a whole lot easier.

Group Messaging

Following the evolution of chat apps (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others), which have evolved from direct user-to-user messaging services to include group messaging, we have also implemented a much-requested feature into Angage.

You’ve guessed it, it’s group messaging.

Event planners now have the option to include both person-to-person chats, as well as group chats into the platform for their attendees. It’s simple to use the group messaging feature – just create a group conversation and include the participants you want in the group, that’s all.

Further group chat personalisation options include giving your group a unique name and profile image, as well as a collection of options for managing group participants.

Exchanging Contacts

Another interesting new feature is a “Contact Exchange” function that makes it incredibly simple for event participants to add each other to their contact lists.

This is a must-have at networking events as it drives engagement and participation levels through the roof – and is especially useful when you incentivise participants to exchange contacts by gamifying it.

Just how do participants exchange contacts? It’s just one QR code away. A quick scan of a person’s QR code automatically adds them to a person’s contact list. Toss this activity into an ice-breaking game to get the action (and people) moving quickly!

Create your very own branded mobile app in minutes

Keen on giving our next generation mobile app, Angage, a try? Register for your free 15-day trial here and experience how speedily you can set up your next event engagement platform – all by yourself!

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