Trends that meeting organisers need to know in 2020

As we move forward into 2020, what trends can meeting organisers anticipate (and cater to)? These are some of the key trends that top organisers have told us are on their lists.

More Personal Interaction

In recent years, meetings have been getting more personal. Participants want more face-to-face time (or at least, interactions through chats) with meeting organisers and speakers. This means going away from traditional “one-way” meetings and setting your meetings up to encourage interaction in multiple forms – through live interaction, webchats or text chats.

The more personal your meetings feel, the better your participants are going to feel about the time they’ve spent with you.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

Did you know that every year, more than one million tonnes of food is wasted in the hospitality and food sector? As consumers across the globe become more focused on sustainability, meeting participants will be less likely to put up with wasted food and beverages that have been catered for meetings…… but never finished.

Also, to further show your commitment to the green cause, avoid using plastics wherever possible. Choose paper plates, cups and perhaps even straws, in place of plastic ones.

Greater Personalisation

Increasingly, we’re seeing that participants appreciate having a greater say in the meetings they’re attending. When participants see an agenda that’s been tweaked to their particular preferences, it makes them feel more valued – because they are. But it doesn’t have to start – or stop – there.

Using data gathered from professional meeting solutions (such as those offered by Angage), it’s possible to gain an in-depth understanding of who your meeting participants are and what they like – down the smallest details. This enables you to deliver greater levels of personalisation and customisation than ever before, which will certainly raise the levels of your meetings.

Spontaneous Interaction

Do your “networking meetings” still look like speed dating sessions from the early 2000s? We hope not, but you’re wondering how to take your networking sessions into the modern era, the answer is through “spontaneous interaction”.

Your event venues have a lot to do with this. By choosing meeting venues that promote spontaneous social interaction – such as communal areas like rooftops and lobbies – you can avoid the whole “so, do we exchange name cards now?” awkwardness that tends to accompany typical ballroom and meeting room-based networking sessions.

Atypical Venue Selections

Speaking of venues, the rise of convenient meetings (like web-based, streaming meetings) means that participants want to make their face-to-face meetings worth their time and effort. They expect these meetings to take place at interesting, intriguing venues.

Before confirming the venue of your next meeting, explore non-traditional locations. This means keeping meetings out the office and hotel ballrooms – and taking them to enticing locales that participants will be glad to experience!

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