Talent Crunch? Expand Your Team with Conferencing Solutions

Talent Crunch

Good talent can be hard to come by – especially so if your business is located in a smaller city, or are in a business that requires specialised skills, knowledge, or certifications that few people possess.

If you have the budget, you could repatriate your chosen talents, so they and their families can live in your city/country – but chances are, you probably won’t be able to do this for anyone but your top management

Now, if only there was a way of attracting talent to your team, without needing to be located close to them – or to pay them to move closer to you.


Conferencing solutions eliminate distance and barriers

The good news, is that it's 2018 and technology is rapidly changing the way we do everything – including work. Today, the concept of a “workplace” no longer means an office and cubicles.

With a laptop, internet connection and conferencing solutions, the "workplace" can also be a home, shared working space, café, or dozens of other locations.


What are conferencing solutions?

There are a few types of conferencing solutions that modern offices use to communicate and collaborate - namely audio, video and web conferencing.


Audio conferencing

Audio conferences are a simple, straightforward way of connecting everyone at the office with remote workers (i.e. employees, contractors or freelances who are working with your team on projects or everyday work).

Simply arrange for an audio conference with remotely located team members, and a basic network connection will allow everyone to communicate easily with a clear audio call. It won’t even matter if your remote team members are in their pyjamas – as long as they sound professional over the call and get work done well, no one will ever know. (Nor will it matter!)


Video/Web conferencing

Alternatively, video conferencing requires slightly more bandwidth (and a decent network connection), but it’ll give everyone the ability to connect at a deeper, more personal level as everyone in the team converses face-to-face - but without needing to be in the same physical space.

While conferencing, team members can share more than words, thoughts, ideas, and images. You can also share files, links, and other resources that help to advance ideas and accelerate the pace of your projects.


Conferencing solutions = Work with a much wider talent pool

Leveraging on conferencing solutions will open doors for your business, giving you the opportunity to work with a much wider group of talent. After all, you’re no longer restricted by geography. You can now hire almost anyone on earth to work with you – all they need is a laptop or desktop with an internet connection, and all you need is an audio or video/web conferencing solution.

Would you like a helping hand choosing a conferencing solution that’s ideal for your business? Let the friendly Angage team share their thoughts over the phone, email, or a conference call/meet up.


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