How to Build an International Team, Locally (with video conferencing technology)

In recent years, technology and the internet have made the world smaller by bringing people together in ways that seemed impossible just a decade ago. And this has been a boon for companies with open-minded mindsets – businesses that have been willing to step outside what’s “normal” and leverage on technology to improve the way they work.

One of these technology-driven trends, has been the rise of remote workers.  Where employees used to be bound to desks in a physical office space, technology such as video conferencing has enabled employees to work from home, a client’s office, or a nearby café.

Perhaps more importantly, video conferencing technology also enables companies to work with talent from across the globe. The implications of this are huge, as it means that businesses are no longer restricted to hiring people based on geographical location.

Suddenly, small businesses in local communities can attract outstanding talents who may be living across the country – or even in another country. This also means that premium office space doesn’t have to be reserved for these employees, they can simply work from a remote location and communicate effectively with the rest of the team by using an effective video conferencing solution.

Further, businesses can also leverage the technology to work with freelancers and contractors, while only needing to keep a core team in the office to run the business. This means significantly lower business operating costs, and a flexible way of expanding and contracting the team on a project-to-project basis – as a business only needs to engage freelancers and contractors to work on specific projects, while those projects are active.

And of course, these talents can be sourced from anywhere in the world – allowing businesses to hire the best talents, for the best prices. All that’s needed, is a stable internet connection and an internet-connected device (such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone).


What is Video Conferencing?

For anyone unfamiliar with video conferencing, here’s what it is in a nutshell. If you’ve used Skype or Facetime, then you’ve already used video (and audio) to communicate over the internet. Think of video conferencing as a powered up version of those solutions, designed specifically designed for business users.  What are some of these advantages? Just to name a few of the things the Angage audio, web and video conferencing solution can do:

  • Real-time screen sharing

  • HD video with multiple webcams

  • Polls and surveys

  • Document transfers

  • Hybrid audio conferencing (over the phone or VoIP)

  • Remote control with the mouse and keyboard (great for multiple users in the same room)

  • Meeting recordings (that can be immediately shared with participants)

  • Instant messaging

  • Comprehensive analytics (including engagement metrics and other statistics)

  • Live support from your local team (online training, webinar/meeting support and more)


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