Before Hiring New Event Team Members, Read This


Most event companies are lean, well-oiled machines – with every member of the team playing an important role (or often, multiple roles.)

That’s why event managers know that when it comes to staffing their team, every person counts. There simply isn’t room for someone who hasn’t got the right skills, abilities or mindset on the team, as one rusty cog is all it takes to slow the entire machine down.

If you’re looking to expand your team with fresh talent, these tips may help you choose the right person for the job.

Define your team’s specific needs

A common mistake that small event teams often make is to simply hire generalists who are capable in every role, but excel in none.

Instead, you’ll do better identifying the specific holes your team needs to fill – such as marketing or sourcing skills, creative ideas, negotiations, etc. – then hiring someone who specialises in those skills, but has the ability to double up and take on other roles when needed.

Consider a prospect’s personality (as well as their ability)

Just like a sports team, an events team needs to function incredibly well. This means that your team may not necessarily be comprised of the very best talents in the industry – but it should be made up of individuals who work well together and can drive results collectively.

Always make sure every member of your event team fits like a piece of a larger puzzle – and if they don’t, you may need to replace them sooner, rather than later. (Even if they excel at their jobs, while working in a vacuum.)

Be open to remote staff

One of the biggest changes to the workforce in recent years, has been the growth of mobile and remote employees. By using a suitable platform (such as Angage’s web, video and audio conference solutions), remote employees can work alongside in-office staff members easily and productively.

What this means, is that you can now hire the best talent for the job – wherever they’re located in the world. And if you have excellent office-bound employees that may prefer to work from home, the event venue or a client’s location, they’re now free to do so, while remaining just as productive as before.

The qualities of a fantastic event professional

What are some of the qualities of an amazing event team member? We spoke with event managers across several industries, and this is what they agreed on:

  • Good initiative
  • Strong teamwork
  • Flexible, adaptable mindset
  • Able to take on multiple roles
  • Specialises in (at least) one aspect of event planning
  • Great communication skills
  • Takes responsibility
  • Excellent problem solver

Hiring new event team members is an essential part of every growing event team, and a skill that event managers may take a while to learn. But it’s also the key to taking your team (and events) to the next level, so if you think your team’s ready for a new member – take the leap!