How Video Conferencing Tools Can Accelerate Productivity

In today’s highly connected digital world, businesses are expected to move at a rapid pace. For many companies, this means finding innovative ways to improve productivity. One of these ways, is by leveraging the power of video conferencing technology to enhance the effectiveness of your employees.

What can video conferencing tools bring to your office? Here’s a sneak peek.

Enhances Communication

One of the fundamentals of a productive team is good communication. And a video conferencing solution can enhance your team’s communication by making conversing easier for everyone – even if team members are working remotely, or happen to be outside for a meeting or sales call.

All you (and your remotely located team members) need is a stable internet connection and you’ll be able to hold meetings, have quick discussions, and bounce ideas off one another at a moment’s notice.

Better Business Opportunities, Reduced Travel

Video conferencing technology enables you to meet up with prospects located across the country, or go through requirements with overseas suppliers with the ease as a phone call.

Or carry out a video call for a sincere, face-to-face discussion with business partners and clients – without having to travel across town (or countries) to meet up in person. This can easily save you (and your team) hours or even days, which can be put into making the project better (instead of travelling and logistics).

Improves Relationships

Video conferencing makes building and maintaining relationships much easier. Because it eliminates the need to travel and can be set up in moments, it’s easy to hop on a voice or video call with a prospect, client or partner to discuss business developments. And this personal conversational is certainly warmer than conversing over email or messages.

Records Discussions

One of the more overlooked features of video conferencing is its ability to record meetings and preserve everything that was discussed (and more importantly, agreed on) during the session. This makes it easy to quash potential arguments, even before they start.

And in important business settings where deals are made and promises need to be kept, these detailed recordings also help all parties to look back and confirm what was discussed, as well as the terms that were agreed on – easily, and with no time wasted on disagreements.

Allows Conversations to Happen “Anytime, Anywhere” 

One habit that highly productive people often share, is their ability to use “in-between time” to get things done. For example, a manager or executive travelling on a plane may use that time to carry out a face-to-face meeting with their staff – or connect with the team they’re meeting up with in the destination country.

By using this “in-between time” to get work done, they relieve the stress of having work pile up while they’re travelling, and can be assured that everything’s going well on the ground (even while they’re up in the air, on a train, or anywhere else that affords them a little “in-between time”.

Need Help? 

Interested to find out more about video conferencing technology, and specifically, how it can help to accelerate productivity in your business? Chat with our friendly Angage team today, and have a look at our flexible web and video conferencing solution.


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