The Best Tools for Live Streaming Webinars

In today’s world of instant connections and engagement, live video content is becoming increasingly popular on both social and commercial platforms.  Whether you’re new to the business of live streaming content - or if you’re simply looking for a better solution than the one you’re currently using – we’ve got suggestions that can make your live webinars easier to access, more stable, and a lot more interactive.

Facebook Live

One of the fastest ways to get started with live streaming is with Facebook live. All you need to get started is a device with an internet connection and a camera.

This means that even you’re your humble smartphone can help connect your webinar to the rest of the world - although if you’re doing so, we recommend having at least 2 devices ready and logged in, as Facebook Live is known to be notoriously buggy when it comes to displaying comments – which can negatively affect your ability to chat and interact with viewers.

As Facebook’s ecosystem is relatively closed, you’ll also want to find multiple ways of informing your potential audiences of the webinar’s start date and time, or risk having them completely miss when you go live.


YouTube Live

If you’re looking to reach out to a much wider audience than your existing social media base, YouTube Live could be the platform for you. A key advantage of using YouTube Live is that your content will show up in both YouTube’s search results and search engines (like Google).

This also makes YouTube Live more suitable for evergreen content that’s meant to last for weeks, months or even years.  The two biggest drawbacks to using YouTube Live however, is that firstly, your content now belongs to YouTube. But perhaps more importantly, YouTube is among the most-blocked websites in the world.

And we’re not only referring to countries such as China - YouTube is blocked by many company servers, so if you’re trying to reach business audiences (or prospects who may be watching from their offices), you may find your audiences locked out of your streams.


Web Conferencing by Angage

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a webinar streaming solution that’s simple, powerful and can be set up for you by a professional, Angage’s web conferencing solution may be your ideal choice.

As a paid solution, you get the advantage of added flexibility, security and a professional set up that will differentiate your webinar from the dozens or even hundreds of competitors who run similar offerings on Facebook or YouTube.

Angage’s web conferencing solution can help you achieve a higher ROI (return on investment) too, especially if you plan to:

  • Monetise your webinar in various ways

  • Ensure that your webinars remain exclusively ad-free (which means that unlike YouTube Live, your viewers won’t be seeing competitors’ advertisements while watching your webinar stream)

  • Have a professional support team that you can rely on

  • Broadcast your webinar via your own platform

  • …and much more

Need more help deciding where to stream your next live webinar? Chat with your friendly Angage team today, we’ll be happy to help answer your questions.


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