Fun, Innovative Ways to Collect Event Feedback

One of the most important pieces of information you need to measure an event’s return on investment (ROI), is audience feedback.  Did your audience enjoy the events? More importantly, did their impression of your company, products, services and solutions improve after the event?

Did they make a purchase at your event, or are they planning on doing so soon? But how can you collect audience feedback without boring them with yet another “let’s fill in these feedback sheets” session?

These are some of our favourite ways you can ask for (and collect) audience feedback.


1. Games

Gamifying your events can make them a lot more fun for participants, but it serves a larger purpose. By getting audiences to interact with (and compete against) each other for prizes, you can see what percentage of your audience is truly engaged and actively participating in your event’s activities – and identify the people who are just there for the ride.  In today’s world of Big Data, there are more types of feedback than what your audience members are explicitly telling you!


2. Facebook Polls

Create Facebook polls and invite your audience members to participate. For an added incentive, offer lucky winners attractive prizes (you can also use this as an opportunity to promote the products that you’re offering as prizes). 


3. Interactive Feedback Displays

Place physical buttons around your event site with happy, sad, or neutral faces. Encourage event participants to simply press a button as they go around your event ground, looking at the exhibits/displays to let you know their honest, immediate (and anonymous) opinions on each item. 

This can also be done with digital displays (showing the same emoticons), though it can be more fun to press physical buttons. 


4. Surveyors in Disguise

Disguise your staff members aasre fellow participants, then let them have some fun by interacting with audience members and asking participants for their thoughts on the event.

This is one of the more manpower-intensive options, but also where some of the most honest and sincere feedback comes from. 


5. Event App

One of the most versatile tools in the event space, is the event app.

Nestled into each participant’s mobile phone, event audiences can enter their feedback of what’s going on at the moment, directly into their phone. Event apps give you immediate, trackable feedback data that you can use immediately – either to tweak your event as its going on, or display on screen (if you’re using the audience feedback as part of a live presentation). 

Test out some of these innovative feedback collection ideas at your next event and let us know how it went, we’re always interested in testing out new ideas. 


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