Why Big Data Means Big Money for Your Business

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything from our televisions, to our doorbells, are connected to the internet, we’re collecting more information than ever – information about user demographics, usage patterns, preferences, and thousands of other data points. In the world of events, this translates into a richer, deeper understanding of your event participants. It means getting in-depth knowledge of:

  • The people who are attending your events

    • Their demographics

    • Their likes

    • Their dislikes 

    • What they’re attracted to

    • What they’ll spend money on

    • Their level of interactions with other participants, event personnel, and your speakers

  • Your marketing

    • What works

    • What doesn’t work

    • The quality and quantity of responses from each and every marketing channel you use

    • Social media interactions, and the results they achieve

    • Your marketing ROI (return on investment)

  • Your agenda

    • Which speakers are making the biggest impact on your audience?

    • Which entertainers are most loved by your audience?

    • Which specific items in the programme did participants like, and which did they dislike or not care for?

    • What did participants think of your programme?

      • Did they get what they came for?

      • Was there anything they wanted more (or less) of?

    • Was there something in your programme that turned out to be an unexpected surprise, and could be used as a selling point in future event marketing promotions?

    • What were the few things that participants really wanted to see or experience, but didn’t get at your event? 

If you knew just a fraction of this information, your next event could be a blowout success.

You could confidently plan an event that you know everyone will love (because you have the data that tells you so), and you could market it to the people that you know will respond positive, through the marketing channels you know they’re paying attention to. 

This is the power of big data. This is the power of knowing what people like, want, and will respond positively to – so you can organise the best event ever, for your target audience. 

The question is – how do you gather this data? The answer, is simply by collecting it. But that’s a story for another day. (Which we promise we’ll cover soon, so stay tuned!)

But if you can’t wait, you can ask your friendly local PowerVote team. Here’s a hint: You’ll never believe how much incredibly valuable data you can collect, by simply having one small app in every event participant’s phone. 


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