What’s the Big Deal with Big Data? (And Why Should Event Planners Take Note?)

The internet of things (IoT) has ushered in a era of internet-connected smartphones, tablets, watches, and thousands of other devices.

These days, even our kitchen appliances are Wi-Fi enabled and connected online.  The vast amounts of data collected by all our devices, is collectively known as “big data”. 


Events and big data

And with event apps (such as the PowerVote Event App) being a prominent feature in modern day events, the amount of data event planners can collect from a single event app-enhanced event is staggering – staggeringly useful, that is. Here’s how big data, can also mean big business for you.


Big data means big information

Are you used to collecting feedback using post-event surveys? If so, you may be able to manually tabulate the survey results and gain some clarity on what aspects of your event attendees liked, or disliked.

What if the amount of feedback you received per attendee was doubled? Quadrupled? Or even multiplied by ten times? That’s how much more information you can get by using a powerful event app at your event.

With this amount of information available, the insights you can gain from a single event can be incredibly valuable – easily multiplying your return on investment (ROI), especially if you’ve been strategic about the type of information you’ve asked your event app to collect. 


Big information means big money

Can these detailed insights be used to generate revenue for your organisation? You bet it can. (And we don’t simply mean “by selling the data”.) The valuable information you now have on hand, thanks to an event app-enabled event, could now be used to easily boost your efforts in other areas of your business. 


Using your newfound insights on your prospect, customers and/or partners, you can multiply the results you would otherwise have had, by implementing targeted initiatives in marketing, advertising, sales, partnerships, and more.  Big data holds incredible potential to shake up the events management industry. It’s time to get on board and use big data to your advantage!


Want to know more?

Interested in finding out how you can collect more valuable data at your next event, and increase your event ROI? Speak with our event experts at PowerVote, we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you. 


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