The Simplest Way to Increase Engagement at Events and Meetings

The Simplest Way to Increase

There are dozens of ways that you can increase engagement levels at your events and meetings – from games, to contests, to social interactions, and more. But what’s the single, simplest solution?

Ask people to vote.

We’ve been involved with many events - and time and time again, the easiest way to get people more engaged in an event or meeting, is to ask for a vote.

Here’s why voting works

  • You’re asking people for their opinions, and people love being heard

  • When participants believe that you’re interested in them (and their opinions), they’ll be more interested in your event/meeting as well

  • Voting is a physical and mental activity, and gets people’s brains engaged (which also wakes them up with a small burst of adrenalin)

  • If you display voting results live, it’s entertaining for participants to see how everyone else has voted

  • Voting breaks up the monotony of a typical “listen to me” event or meeting, and tells participants that “we’re listening to you”

  • When you do it right, voting isn’t just about “making a decision using the most number of votes”, voting can be used in a whole variety of ways, including:

  • Gathering feedback about a meeting, presentation, or event

  • Changing the course of a presentation by providing participants with voting options during the presentation

  • Developing engagement and rapport between an event emcee and his/her audience

  • Deciding on the winner of a contest (which can be lots of fun at both events and office meetings)

As you can see, there’s lots you can do by simply introducing this one solution into your events and meetings. It’s just a matter of knowing your audience, then being creative in how you implement your voting system.

And of course, it’s also about your choice of voting system. You can choose free voting systems - such as asking meeting participants to raise their hands or write their votes down on pieces of paper – or go with something just as simple, but a lot more effective at creating engagement with your participants, the Angage voting system.

Want to know more about the Angage voting system? Or perhaps you’d just like a few more ideas on how to create engaging events and meetings? Chat with our consultants, who’ll be happy to share some fantastic ideas with you.


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