5 Ways to Monetise Your Event Using an Event App

An event app is a fantastic engagement tool that you can use to gamify your event with, as well as interact with audiences.

But did you know that your event app can also help you to monetise your event, giving you a direct (and very visible) return on your investment?

These are 5 ways you can make some money using an event app.

#1: Logo Placement

A good event app provides good branding for not only your brand, but your sponsors and advertisers. And with various logo placements available, you can separate your sponsors by tiers – giving premium sponsors the best, most prominent logo placements that will be seen by all event participants.

#2: Notifications

Your event app can send push notifications to users’ phones, informing them of important event updates and news. But you can also use this functionality for advertising – by pushing advertisers’ messages to participants.

Of course, no one likes spam, so be thoughtful when using this form of advertising. Only use push notifications for advertisers whose offers will genuinely be appreciated by attendees. (For example, an F&B outlet providing a good lunch deal to participants during lunch time.)

#3: Integrating an Advertiser into a Gamified Activity

Here’s an advertising idea that your everyone – your audiences, advertisers and you) will love. First, use your event app to gamify your event. Include games, activities and a leaderboard that event attendees can participate in using their event app. Then, ask your advertiser to sponsor the prizes.

Your advertisers get all-day, every day promotion throughout the event – and their products/services will be talked about the whole time, by excited contestants who have their eyes on the attractive prizes. As a bonus, the gamification and prizes will also make your event a whole lot more fun!

#4: Advertising Banners

One of the simplest ways of integrating advertising into your event app is with digital banners. Depending on the event app you choose, you may have a choice to either have these banners offered on a “single payment” option (where advertisers pay you to display their ads on your app), or on a “pay-per-tap” model (where advertisers only pay when users tap on the advertisements).

#5: Lead Capture

When it comes to getting value from advertising spend, leads are a big measurement of success for advertisers. And this is something that event apps can help advertisers to capture, easily. Event organisers already have participants’ information, which is valuable to advertisers. This is further enhanced by the data collected from an event app – that tracks each individual attendee’s participation and engagement levels.

Be sure to get each attendee’s explicit permission to share their data, before doing so. And only share their data with advertisers that match their personal and/or business interests, so you’ll be doing them a favour (while earning additional event revenue).

Learn More About Event Apps

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