, your interactive audio conferencing tool that is also good for the planet

Environmentally friendly

Wondering how to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions? Audio conferencing is the most energy-efficient solution. In fact, video consumes 2.1 times more than audio, which relies on telephone and VoIP networks. The energy consumption of screen sharing represents +14% compared to audio alone. This is a far cry from the +105% of video!



Aware that screen sharing is a crucial part of your meetings and conferences, we make live presentation sharing possible on And if you want to allow interactivity during your conference, Audiowall is the ideal tool. By joining the audio conference, your mobile participants receive instant SMS access to Audiowall where they can ask questions, answer surveys and post rich feedback in the form of images or animated GIFs! It's also where everyone can follow the slides live and see who's speaking as their speech gauges evolve, to ensure that everyone gets to speak!


And much more...

In addition, the conversations you have on the Audiowall are recorded so you can access the replay and listen to the highlights of the conference. Of course, you can deactivate the recording of the meeting or even the Audiowall to concentrate solely on the audio part.

As a host, you can manage the settings of your audio conferences from This is where you will be able to :

  • update your access codes

  • activate/deactivate recording or Audiowall (NEW)

  • import/delete contacts (NEW)

  • send invitations

  • monitor statistics

  • access the transcript (BETA)

  • and much more...

Feel free to try today! This way:

If you are already familiar with,  try out the Audiowall feature. Your feedback is important to us!

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