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Discover your ALL-IN-ONE EVENT HUB

We all love in real life interactions, but let’s face it, we are not going to run in-person events any soon.

Angage can help bridge the "virtual" gap by helping you pivot to virtual events. We offer a hub where to gather event information, video streams for each session, sponsor display, networking features and interactivity elements. Run webinars, facilitate coffee breaks, stream live fashion shows, do product demonstrations… Customisation is key and there is an ocean of possibilities with!

Content + Interactivity + Networking =  Great Engagement !

Why switching to virtual? For now, there does not seem to be much of a choice but virtual events also have undeniable benefits. Online events are much more environmentally sustainable than physical events. With a decreased carbon print, food waste and the usual paraphernalia drastically reduced, virtual events do make a difference, both for the planet and your finances! Less constraints also mean a larger audience reach. Virtual events brings us together instantly.

What about the registration process? Good news! You have the marketing material ready and we have the technology ready. Let’s join forces!

Recipe for success of a good virtual event: 

  • Targeted invitations, confirmations and reminders

  • An informative registration page

  • A rich and clear personalised event programme

  • Speakers biographies

  • Access to all webinars 

  • Q&A, Quiz and Polling 

  • Information and Sponsor pages

  • Networking areas via messaging or video chat

  • A social feed

Recreate the event, online, in a hub that covers the 3 phases of the event: before, during & after!

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