Angage, the innovative collaboration and collection tool!

What if Angage was ALSO a solution of participative patronage?

Have you ever heard: “the tool is simple but participation remains low and is comparable to other tools on the market”? Based on this observation and the social issues we face, we have decided to involve participants through commitment to charity organisations.

Our idea :

  • motivate and involve participants in meetings or conferences

  • monetise participants’ engagement

  • transfer the sums collected to the works of your choice

  • earn CSR points

Indeed, we already measure engagement points in via the Engagement Score. Simply set a monetary value per point earned and the money collected will automatically be donated to the organisation or charity of your choice! A great way to engage your employees and participants on impactful topics!

“The more I participate, the more I contribute”: if participating also makes me generous, I might as well participate fully! This initiative is designed to generate great enthusiasm among teams and participants. By using, audience members and collaborators give meaning to their participation.

The final word? “You earn your living with what you receive, but you build it with what you give.” Winston Churchill

Are you interested? Your feedback is valuable, please tell us what you think!

Feel free to try Angage now and have a look at the Engagement Score in Members :

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