Engage Participants with Crystal Clear Conference Calls

Conference calls are the lifeblood of many organisations, especially those with remote employees, numerous suppliers or clients based in overseas locations. 

And for many of these brands, Angage is their preferred conference call solution – thanks to the technology’s ease of use, robust dependability, crystal clear audio quality, and a constantly growing list of features that make doing business via conference calls, easier.


Angage: Features and Benefits

For businesses that haven’t heard of Angage.audio, this is a quick overview of why this platform is one of the most popular conference call solutions available today. For more information, speak with a friendly Angage consultant in your country.

  • Outstanding audio quality

  • Comprehensive in-conference control

  • Wide selection of international numbers to dial into

  • Presentation sharing

  • Instant join (so participants can jump into a call at any time)

  • “Ask a question” feature allows participants to interact with presenters

  • Audio recording of call

  • Video recording  of call + presentation

  • Transcript download

  • Customisable registration page

  • Customisable invitations (Outlook and Google calendar)

  • Send invitations automatically

  • Detailed statistics

  • Easy-to-use backend that meeting organisers can log into

What makes Angage stand out?

Angage.audio has captured the market with its innovative technology and attractive pricing plans that are customisable for businesses of all sizes – so both SMEs and MNCs (and every business in-between) can find a package that’s perfect for their conference calling needs.

Speaking of the technology’s ever-expanding suite of features, these are the latest additions that new and existing users of Angage.audio can take advantage of:

Recording Presentations 

Businesses can now record presentations in their entirety, without the need for any external recording software or service. This means recording a video of the conference call from beginning to end – including presentation slides and any other visuals that were displayed during the call. Of course, audio-only recording features are also available. 


One of the most requested features has been the ability for users to download a written transcript of the call in a text format. This is now possible for event organisers, who can also share the ability to do so with conference call participants.

Google Calendar Integration

It’s now easier than ever to set up a conference call and invite all participants. With a single click, meeting organisers can invite guests to a scheduled conference call via the solution’s all-new “Add to Google Calendar” function.

Customised Registration Page

Businesses now have more control of the conference call’s registration page, with the ability to add their logo to the registration page, change the page’s colour to reflect the brand’s corporate identity, and other features that expand branding opportunities.

Customised Invitation Email

It’s always been convenient to use the Angage platform to send invitation emails to participants. Now, it’s also a lot more customisable, as meeting organisers have more flexibility with editing the text in their digital invites.


Interested in giving Angage a try?

A 15-day trial is available now.

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