5 reasons why conference calls platforms are the most secure way to communicate remotely

Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO admitted that despite “working around the clock” to support the influx of new users, the service had “fallen short of the community’s – and our own – privacy and security expectations”. “For that, I am deeply sorry,” he wrote. Indeed, we have witnessed numerous cases of Zoom-bombing in recent months, highlighting the lack of privacy protection in the way the video conferencing app was thus far configured.
Knowing that cybercrimes will cost businesses over $2 trillion in 2019 and global cybersecurity spending will increase by 12-15% per year until 2021 according to a recent Sapio survey, seeking more secure communication tools appears essential.

Conference call platforms stand out in this regard thanks to the following :

  • No risk of hacking

  • No sharing of information with third party sites

  • 100% secure voice communication

  • Dedicated organiser and participant codes

  • Recordings activated only on demand

With no resort to data but voice only, the risk of hacking or security breach is reduced to 0%.
Your information remains strictly confidential and stays on our voice network only.
An audio call cannot be intercepted (unless legally requested) as opposed to a non-secure IP stream. Be reassured, no malware can be remotely installed from audio communication.

Audioconferencing offers peace of mind as phone operators guarantee the security of your voice communications whereas IP access securitization is generally incumbent upon users.

As the organiser, you benefit from a dedicated PIN code that allows you to open the conference call. Your participants dial in and enter a different participant PIN code to join your conference in a secure way. What’s more, you can monitor the participants’ numbers who entered your conference from your web pilot on the Angage.audio platform, block anonymous numbers if needed, lock the conference room when all your expected participants are in or even use the sub-conference mode. Callouts are also useful to connect directly with the phone numbers you registered.

If you wish to record your conversations, you can ask our customer service to activate this feature for you.

Interested in giving Angage.audio a try? A free 15-day trial is available here

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