A tasty collaboration: Nespresso and Angage's Mobile Event App at Vinitaly

Attendees were invited to visit the Nespresso Lounge at Vinitaly, an International Wine Event, and enjoy the PowerVote Mobile Event App's features in Verone, Italy.

Participants downloaded the app using a QR code and were then able to register for the event. Once registered, each attendee received a ticket to take part in the tasting workshops held famous by Nespresso coffee experts. Each class was limited with ticket caps based on capacity.

Marina Makaus, Event Coordinator at Nespresso, says that the PowerVote Event App is "functional and complete".

"The support on site but especially before and after the event, while arranging the best solution was the greatest added value of the solution. The main benefit of the PowerVote Mobile Event App including registration is its easiness in managing audience flows".

Indeed, the registration capabilities allowed a smooth registration to tasting classes over the 4-day event.

From an audience perspective, Marina Makaus highlights the fact that "information about the entire program is always at your fingertips, [it gives] the chance to enrol in different sessions in case of a full classroom.."

"Powervote solutions are easy to use and enhance audience engagement and interaction".

Thank you, Marina Makaus and Nespresso for giving us a 5/5!