A time saving and productive voting session for NHS

NHS Leicestershire regularly uses Angage to foster interactivity for their public meetings.

NHS Leicestershire regularly uses Angage Quiz Plus software to foster interactivity for their public meetings. Jo Tyler, Engagement Manager, tells us more about Angage Benefits for NHS public meetings:

“We used them at a public voting event in Leicester, we wanted an electronic voting system to have an instant, live response and to make the event more interesting for the public. It also saved us from counting responses manually, which would have taken too long."

Providing instant results is one of the core benefits or the Angage audience response system. It allows discussions and debates to be driven in the right direction according to what the audience thinks instantly, and in very simple ways.

"Angage system is easy to program, to use, and is reliable."

The user-friendly keypads offer a unique level of interactivity because attendees get to engage physically using the innovative voting system. This increases their involvement into the debate and refines the accuracy of your events and discussions.

This time-saving voting process encourages every participant to share their opinion, and provide you with clear information. As a result, this high-value digital tool increases the productivity and interactivity of your events.

"It made the meeting more productive and our audience thought it was really clever, and they enjoyed using this voting system, it saved so much time and the public enjoyed using the keypads."