Empowering communication: A decade of success with Angage.

Grain de Malice is the Ephigea group’s women’s high street fashion brand. Its concept has been tried and approved by women since 2008. The brand has outlets and franchises in France and Belgium totalling 190 points of sale.

Annabelle CERMAK, the Franchise and Administration Manager for Grain de Malice, agreed to answer Angage’s questions.

Grain de Malice has been a client since September 2015, so you’ve been using our phone conference services for over a year. Did you use these tools prior to that? 

Yes, due to our geographical situation we have always used phone conferencing. We have 190 points of sale spread over 12 regions.

We use conference calls to have better communications with the store network. I’ve been with GDM for 10 years and we have been conf-calling for a decade. 

Could you tell us in what context you use each solution?

We use audio conferencing solutions every week to communicate with our store teams about turnover and tasks to carry out in the network. In short, we use it to start the week from a sales point of view. As for the crowd event conference solution, we only started using it a short while ago. We don’t use it often.

At the moment we have maybe one crowd conference per month. We have no defined schedule, sometimes we’re informed for the next day! We’re in a context in which we need to communicate with all employees quickly, so that they all have the same information at the same time.

It also means that people from the network don’t need to travel to Paris, which would make us lose our reactivity, cost money and waste time, because store schedules are very often difficult to manage!

How do we differ from your previous contractors? What has changed since you started using Angage services?

There is general satisfaction with the service.

The price and the unlimited option for phone conferences is very comfortable as it allows us to better manage our internal budget.

We can now schedule our confcall budgets at the start of the year and have a general invoice.

As for the quality of service, there are no, or very few, bugs. We also have a direct and reactive sales contact.

We had trouble discussing with our previous contractor because they had a phone platform in another country. Relations with Angage are very simple, which is very peasant.

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews