BNP Paribas generated great engagement thanks to the PowerVote Mobile Event App!

Margherita Coletti, Senior Communication Manager at BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking, explains they chose Engage Mobile Event App to use as an engagement catalyzer. And it worked: 300 questions were asked during the convention for a total engagement rate of 80%! "It helped the interaction between colleagues in general and during the work sessions."

Well aware of digitalization topics, Mrs Coletti wanted to engage employees: "It has been appreciated". Both from a participant and organizer point of view, Margherita Coletti states that it has helped employees understand the need to be current regarding technology.

"Angage Mobile Event App made it possible to create a real community thanks to the photos and the personal information people shared during this day."

They would give us the best grade thanks to the support throughout the event and recommend PowerVote because: "It’s useful, fun, innovative and incredibly easy to use."

Thank you, BNP Paribas, for the gratifying feedback; we are eager to continue modmodernizingur events!