Communications Manager and General Services and Security at Prévoir Group shares her experience with Angage

Prévoir is a family-owned insurance company founded in 1910, which is specialised in personal insurance. The company has been a precursor in insuring low income households for over 40 years and the group’s mission is to accompany its customers along every step of their lives.  This intermediate-sized structure employs 1610 people in France and 260 in other countries. It manages 4 billion euros of assets and has a portfolio of over a million contracts.

Prévoir is constantly evolving and seeking to improve its communication. It uses our remote communications tools to facilitate exchanges between the sales advisers it employs over the entire territory.

Brigitte DIAZ-DESHAYES Communications Manager and Claude REYNAUD General Services and Security Manager old us about how they use Angage services.

What encouraged the setting up of the service inside the Prévoir group?


 The service had already been set up in the company for a few months, but it was not promoted. I basically believed in it, but like other similar situations in the company, I knew that there were a lot of brakes and reluctance to use a new solution. The opportunity to meet Angage face to face started the ball rolling to promote the product.“

A communications plan was drawn up to encourage the so-called classic conference call solution. An internal emailing campaign was set up and user training organised.

The managers and regional supervisors were the first to be targeted by these actions, then “the grapevine kicked in naturally and there were more and more requests..”

According to Claude, “ the solution’s accessibility and Angage’s reactivity, make it possible to almost instantly meet the needs of new users.”

Do our solutions meet their defined goals?

Claude REYNAUD :

Currently we are looking to optimise our costs as well as being in a period of major change which requires everyone to use a lot of energy and time. Setting up the conference call solution makes it possible to reduce travel costs and save time.

We have a national presence, so when trips to headquarters or to regions between the offices and the branches have to be organised, you have to juggle with everyone’s agendas and availability.

The need was fairly obvious in the sales network on which the impact was the biggest; the weekly meetings that required travelling to the offices are gradually being replaced by audio conferencing.”


We use Angage’s crowd event conferencing to organise a Chairman’s conference every month. The tool is easy to set up and allows regular and direct communication between senior management and the 300 managers at headquarters and in the network. We are on our third edition and the format has overwhelming approval.»

What do you prefer in your relationship with Angage?

Claude REYNAUD :

“The human side. We are working, so the relationship is serious and effective, but it’s important to work in good conditions. Angage’s reactivity and support are a plus, especially when organising crowd event conferences.”


The preparation and sequence of each phone conference generates shared work in which the combined competence of our teams guarantees the success of the operation. As a conference manager, I especially appreciate effective support ».