Generating engagement for The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans in Monaco with PowerVote

Event app for GBCO in Monaco

The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans hosted their Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping in Monaco; an international event attended by 150 scientists and experts from around the world.

Lisa Taylor from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shares her experiences using the Powervote Mobile Event App:

"We used the mobile PowerVote application as a one-stop- shop for all the information relating to the Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping. The most important aspect that caused us to work with PowerVote over any other company was their responsiveness and professionalism. PowerVote is simple and intuitive. It connected the attendees before and during the event and provided a central space to share questions and ideas. This was perfect for a collaborative conference at the forefront of scientific research. Sharing information about the event with our attendees was also very straightforward.

It was sometimes hard to connect due to differing time zones and travel schedules, but overall project management was very good. If we had to rate the level of service we received during the event, we would say excellent, agile and positive real time support.

If we had all had more time, it would have been beneficial to hold a session with the panelists to share information about the application and to come up with polling questions. This would be achievable at a future event."

"I would recommend PowerVote as the use of the application really enhanced our event, both in terms of participant engagement and organization." 

"The project management team was great, calm under pressure and responded to all our last minute requests with a positive attitude!"