Genzyme tests its client’s knowledge

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Genzyme first made use of the voting system developed by PowerVote during the Conference of the Nephrology Society in early October 2008. They recently decided to choose the PowerVote audience response system again to market their new products at an event which proved to be quite popular among visitors who visited the laboratory’s stand.

The product manager for Renagel at Genzyme tells us about this decision:

“Our goal was to attract to the Genzyme stand the greatest number of people possible, while at the same time marketing our products via the questions themselves.”I was greatly surprised that the clients demonstrated no reticence to using the voting keypads. They even came up to ask if they could use them,”  admits with satisfaction the product manager.

The voting keypads were used by Genzyme as a way of creating intrigue and curiosity among the visitors to motivate them into discovering and exploring the product in original and interactive ways:

“Following an hour-long instruction, I was perfectly capable of using the keypads. The greatest advantage of electronic voting keypads resides in the fact that they are useful icebreakers and helped put their users at ease when one attempted to evaluate their knowledge. The interactive approach allows for effective and easier communication. This is carried out in the form of a game and the client doesn’t feel aggressed. That is why the audience feels much more involved.”

The product Manager admitted that the system represented “a practical and easy means of evaluating the representatives’ knowledge", and that it could be useful to "observe group of doctors before and after the meeting to influence their behaviour.”