GILEAD Sciences uses a voting solution to test their employees

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A few years ago, Gilead laboratory opted for the PowerVote Interactive keypad solution to better carry their employee’s evaluations. For each voting session, they wanted to determine the participants’ level of knowledge acquisition and further develop any themes that had not been fully understood. 

They used the live generated data and transferred it to Microsoft Excel so they could carry nearly instant analysis with the entire team. Despite the analytical charge, the interactive keypads built a more relaxing and productive atmosphere by turning the sessions into fun and pleasant moments for the representatives!

For their latest event, Gilead Laboratory trusted our services once again and went even further and hired an onsite operator to oversee the voting sessions. Our on-site technicians offer technical assistance and supervision at each interactive meeting, regardless of the location and thus travel often to reassure and demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the audience response system during live events.

As the Director of Training pointed out, this professional service allows the event organisers to confidently recalibrate their "focus onto the subject at hand, and to take better advantage of the presentations and "live displayed" results".

The choice of interactivity has completely won over both this director of training and the system’s participants and it is said they will to use it again very soon!