Optimizing outreach: INPI's communication evolution with Angage.

L’INPI (National Industrial Property Institute in France) is a public body that manages the registration of trademarks, drawings, models and patent applications, and checks that they are not already the subject of industrial property. The INPI actively participates in defining and implementing public policy in the field of industrial property and the fight against counterfeiting.

This institute is a self-financing public establishment overseen by the French Ministry for the Industrial and Digital Economy. It dialogues with various partners and peers throughout the world. As part of an innovating and service creating approach, the INPI is one of Angage’s customers.

For obvious confidentiality and data protection reasons, the INPI needed suppliers that had their data-centres in France. Given that Angage produces and publishes its own solutions, we had to meet a security and reliability issue.

Our web conference solution has a certified level of security equivalent to the encryption of a bank transfer.

Two INPI users accepted to answer our questions.

You are currently video conference and conference call users. How do these tools help you in your internal and/or external communications?

I use the Angage solution for 100% of my technical meeting communication. I can use it to exchange with all the regional delegations all over France. The Angage tool therefore saves us many trips. To say it simply, it makes our lives easier! »

 Martine Clemente | Director of INPI Economic action |

The international side of your job means you exchange with contacts abroad. What are the benefits of these types of solution for the INPI?

In the framework of our agreements with foreign IP Offices, we share French good practices: the IP (Industrial Property) training at the CEIPI (Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies).

Following this IP course at the CEIPI, we want to maintain the exchanges we have created and the use of a communication method of the webinar type seems to us to be a good way of communicating.

The use of screen sharing to show our presentation (using the internet network) and the use of phone technology to broadcast the participants’ speech are sufficient. Currently we easily communicate with Latin America (Brazil and Mexico), with Asia (South Korea and Japan) and Europe (France and Switzerland) using local numbers. »

Nelson DOS SANTOS | Project manager / Special Advisor

Economic action department for the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI)


+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews

+2000 companies trust Angage to digitalize their events

4,8/5 from +500 reviews