Interactive Game at Ford to launch the new Ford Focus model

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Ford called on PowerVote to design an interactive game that would add dynamism to the event introducing its new Focus car model. The game consisted in creating a theme that would both create a relaxed atmosphere among the participants and ensure a better understanding of the technical specification.

PowerVote designed the “Focus Grand Prix” to meet the client’s expectations.

By associating Flash technology and PowerPoint in its game to incorporate both video and audio sequences, PowerVote allowed Ford to convey key messages in a highly entertaining way thanks to the interactive solution.

“The game designed by PowerVote was a great success because it created a theme that tied the event together”

Fernando Luis Tovar, Sales Training Coordinator at Ford.

“At the end of each of the three training modules, we asked the audience to answer a questionnaire to measure how well the module had been understood. We also timed how quickly they responded to the questions. Of course, each team knew where it stood compared to the others, which generated a spirit of competition. Then, the teams that won in the morning and in the afternoon competed in a final play-off that closed the event. This ended the meeting on a very enthusiastic note.”

“It was interesting to see how the sales people reacted after the first module once they realised they would be tested on their knowledge immediately. They paid much more attention to the following modules. They took it very seriously as, in addition to training on the new product they would be selling, they were fully involved in the competition and benefitted from It.”