Lafarge goes Digital & Interactive for their Training Sessions

Lafarge, Digital app, conference, Powervote

"Lafarge is in constant evolution in order to “build better cities” as described in its catch phrase. This is why they decided to use PowerVote Interactive Solutions for their training sessions, organised for the 80 employees of the Sales Department in Spain."

Among the 13 speakers, architects & engineers presented the materials for construction.

The PowerVote App was the key tool of the training sessions, serving as a support to present the speakers but also as an implement to ask direct questions.

Myriam García,  Learning & Talent Development Director at Lafarge values the use of the App during the training sessions:

"The added value elements brought by PowerVote during the event were its innovation, its originality and above all its flexibility to adapt to the Client’s needs."

"What I liked the most about the App was the easiness to use, and the faculty to gather all the information into the same platform. Moreover, I think that the anonymous questions allowed participants to be more motivated, permitted a better interaction between speakers and participants as well as an improved sessions’ efficiency.  This feature, combined with the live voting led to a great added value to the training sessions."

"Before trying the Mobile App we had some doubts because it meant changing our traditional ways of working and it was new to us, but it really enliven the training session and made it interactive and more constructive. After the experience, both participants and speakers were marvelled with the App and I was personally fascinated."