Mitsubishi Electric Gives Angage a 10/10!

"Angage allowed us to capture the information we never had before and look more up-to-date using iPads and apps. The people cared for our needs, were easy to work with, and were calm. "

Georgie Archer, Georgie Archer. Operations Coordinator, Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

When electronics giant Mitsubishi Electric planned its most recent conference, it needed a better solution. A solution that would get real, timely and honest feedback directly from customers during this large-scale conference.

They approached Angage for a solution that would provide the valuable feedback they needed and professional support to ensure everything went according to plan before, during and after the event.

We're happy to report that the PowerVote team delivered.

After a successful event, Mitsubishi Electric was highly praised for the Event App. Some of the aspects of the app that they loved most were:

  • The clean and professional look of the app

  • Its ease of use

  • Features that were useful both before and after the event

  • The ability to collect data from customers easily and effectively

Most of all, Mitsubishi Electric were delighted with the level of support given to them by the PowerVote team and the comprehensive post-event report that provided their managers with a detailed overview of the critical event and customer data from the conference.

To our friends at Mitsubishi Electric, thank you for believing in us. Till your next conference!