Multi-location Medical Symposium in Mexico

In October 2011, The Taller Satelital en Psiquiatría brought together 650 participants in 13 different Mexican cities thanks to satellite communications.

PowerVote joined the experience and brought a new dimension to multi-location symposiums. The symposium itself brought together medical specialists in psychiatry and neurology to discuss and review the latest developments and treatments in the field of mental illness.

Eminent professors were present, like Professor Allan H Young, Chair of Psychiatry, Director of the Centre for Mental Health, Imperial College London, UK who shares with us his PowerVote experience:

“We were afraid that a dispersed audience might have presented technical difficulties and felt less personal, but with the PowerVote technology, we managed to bring many specialists together and reach out to a large number of individuals in a single multi-location session. We achieved a greater synergy; it was really convenient and cost effective. Both the remote participants and the organisers of the events benefited from this session. Preparing a sound list of questions relevant to both the speakers and the audience was critical to ensure that the interactive technologies remained a valuable tool. Voting was very effective, be it whilst teaching or during meetings, to ascertain the audience’s knowledge on specific subjects." 

For this singular event, the PowerVote audience response system offered new strings of communication. In fact, the voting system had a tremendous effect in bridging distances between the attendees and the speakers by providing them with an easy way of expressing their opinions. It also allowed for a better gathering experience  in an original, motivating and inspiring way. "

The use of the PowerVote interactive voting system was an asset at the Taller Satelital en Psiquiatría. It allowed the audience to feel included and to participate remotely, leading to a more interesting event. Voting is a powerful tool to facilitate medical symposiums with satellite sites in multiple locations, as is a link to allow questions to be asked.”