Philip Morris ČR presents financial results with Angage's Audio Conferencing Solution

As video and audio conferencing become increasingly crucial in day-to-day business, more companies across the globe are seeking reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective conferencing solutions that they can count on during important meetings and events.Philip Morris ČR, a leader in the tobacco industry, uses audio conferencing in its day-to-day business. After testing out multiple solutions, the company chose Angage as its conferencing solutions provider for a key conference call for analysts – where the organisation was set to present its financial results for the past year.The presentation was a resounding success, running smoothly from start to finish – delighting the Financial Analyst at Philip Morris ČR in charge of organising the crucial conference call for analysts.Philip Morris ČR credited the solution’s ability to make test calls and easily identify participants, as well as the Angage team’s responsiveness, as key elements that enabled the company to deliver a positive experience for everyone involved with the call.

“Amazing customer care. William and Florence (from Angage) were so helpful and answered questions promptly, among other things. There were absolutely no problems!”

Financial Analyst - Investor Relations

Philip Morris ČR (Czech Republic)

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