Angage adds fun and dynamism to Biotherm sales training!

Each year, the Training Department of Biotherm - L’Oreal develops training programmes for the sales teams of its distribution network.

The Training Department of Biotherm - L’Oreal consistently develops training programs for its distribution network's sales teams. These programs encompass various themes such as brand identity, product performance, sales techniques, and new products. During each training session, participants, organized into teams, utilize Angage electronic voting keypads to engage with and confirm their comprehension of the communicated messages.

"Our training courses, initially conducted in the evenings for groups ranging from 50 to 300 people, transitioned to a 'roadshow' format, with sessions held across numerous cities. These one-day courses cater to groups of 20 participants," explains the Training Director. "It was imperative for our instructors to have a solution adaptable to any setup, unencumbered by participant numbers."

"The alignment between the technical intricacies of Biotherm’s products, measurable in performance, and the technological advancement of our training programs is well-received by participants," asserts the Training Director. "Angage served two crucial and concurrent objectives: enhancing participant engagement through interactive presentations and facilitating real-time confirmation of participant understanding via electronic voting keypads. The training sessions evolved into more dynamic and enjoyable experiences, fostering genuine exchanges that previously relied solely on paper-based questionnaires," concludes the Training Director.