PowerVote is good value for money according to HSBC!

HSBC in-house event

HSBC held an in-house event for its managers entitled “The HTS mysteries”. As this daylong event unfolded, the PowerVote voting system became a prominent feature. The whole exercise was set up to be entertaining, in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

We wanted to stimulate our meetings through generating live feedback and measuring the effectiveness of our communication efforts. And this is exactly what the PowerVote electronic voting system has been able to accomplish… while adding a dose of fun and originality to the meeting!"

"I was very impressed by the simplicity of the system set-up: super-fast and streamlined! And especially the operational flexibility: for example, we were able to modify the voting procedure in just a few seconds without interrupting the flow and without any difficulty. If I had to summarise the experience in a few words, I’d say this interactive voting system is efficient, flexible, easy to handle and definitely a good value for money.

Interview of Christophe Jacob, head of Communication at HSBC Technologies & Services.