Quick Restaurant use Angage to train the future managers

To train the future managers of its restaurants and franchises, this Fast food chain uses the interactive Angage voting system to monitor the level of understanding of its trainees.

This training centre welcomes over 2,000 trainees for 25 different courses each year. "Using paper was especially time-consuming for the instructors and the trainees. Moreover, our trainees, being rather young, tended to trade their questionnaires. With PowerVote, there's no way to cheat, and due to the playfulness of the system, the trainees feel more involved. In the end, everyone's happy," states the Director of Operational Training.

"We use PowerVote every three weeks. PowerVote allows us to verify our trainees’ letrainees'derstanding immediately. Thanks to its ease of use and the possibility to make immediate modifications, our questionnaires are always up-to-date regarding standards. In addition, we save considerable time and paper.

Now it is much easier to organise, our sessions are lighter and less tiresome, for we have eliminated the time-consuming corrections imposed by paper."