Red Thread International valued PowerVote speed and flexibility!


Guy Goddard-Watts, Marketing Director of the famous communication agency Red Thread International used the innovative PowerVote mobile solution for their convention gathering.

The tailored mobile application provided a comfortable user interface (UI) to access the various professional speakers and attendees’ profiles from the corporate communication world. The Event app also enabled to organisers to use it as moderation tool to track performance and engagement levels of attendees.

"It is a great way to engage people in real time"

The added values of the mobile interface found their roots in the "flexibility and speed" in adapting to changing needs and circumstances as the event went by. Guy Goddard-Watts was mostly pleased from the “support provided by PowerVote to ensure everything went according to plan before, during and after the event".

The PowerVote experts were advising Red Thread while building the app in order to turn the meeting into a great success.

They also enjoyed the ability to consult the event analytics in real time. From an audience perspective, there was a real contribution regarding the overall engagement: The digital solution further encouraged networking opportunities between the attendees throughout the event and facilitated the sharing of ideas and opinions.

Guy Goddard-Watts positively noted that "everyone could discuss questions and answers together with other colleagues." And reasserted his trust in PowerVote and its benefits "both for the high-tech aspect and, above all, for the human one."

Thanks a lot for the nice words, we look forward to working with you again too!