The Power of an Event App. An interview with Rodrigo Cezar, Events Manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

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A key element to the success of any event, is offering users a unique event experience. With the Event App from PowerVote, you can now customise your corporate events to attract more guests, keep them engaged and build raving fans.

Today, we chat with Rodrigo Cezar, Events Manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals & Vice President at Alagev. Roche is a pioneer in health, leading the industry with its innovative products and services for the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. He shares his experience with the Event App.

PowerVote: Can you tell us why and how you chose PowerVote for your events?

Rodrigo Cezar: "PowerVote has a reputation for professionalism, and were able to deliver everything we needed for our events"

PowerVote: What are the key benefits of using an Event App at a corporate event?

Rodrigo Cezar: "Participants are no longer bogged down by printed materials, and are able to focus more attention on the speakers"

PowerVote: What do you value most in the package offered by PowerVote?

Rodrigo Cezar: "The pre-event consultancy, as well as the support offered by the company during and after the event"

PowerVote: Is there anything else you would like to comment on, that has not already been mentioned?

Rodrigo Cezar: "Yes, I would like to credit the PowerVote team for planning and delivering everything in a positive manner"

How the PowerVote Event App Benefits Participants

PowerVote develops customised applications according to the dynamics of your event, where everything participants could possibly need is available with a touch of an app on their smartphone, including:

  • Personalised calendars and maps of the event grounds.

  • Event resources and documentation.

  • Interactive elements such as live voting, Q&As, challenges, QR Codes and more.

  • A fully functional messaging system that enables and encourages personal connection between participants on a one-to-one basis.

  • A list of event speakers and a way of connecting with them via the app. Speakers may choose to facilitate interaction with new employees, thereby building a powerful professional group.

How the PowerVote Event App Benefits Organisers

The Powervote Event App empowers event planners in new, exciting ways by:

  • Making it simple to organise information in a common space, while being flexible enough to accept real-time tweaks and modifications.

  • Optimise the event as it occurs with maps, custom calendars, push alerts, live voting, questions and answers, and more.

  • Allowing resources and information to be saved and stored, without the need for paper or printing.

  • Increasing presence and professional interactions, leading to improved retention of staff and business.