Wilco Chooses the Angage Voting System for its Landmark Event


Immediacy, engagement, efficiency


When we asked Wilco to describe what they felt about Angage’s voting solution, they summed up their thoughts with these three concise words.We’ll have to admit that their positive testimonial may be just a little biased, as the company is already a fan of our solutions – their event teams are loyal PowerVote users who have followed us as we transitioned into Angage. Wilco use our voting solution every time they organise the Wilco Academy, an event that gathers tech professionals and tasks them with voting for their favourite start-ups that year, based on each creator’s pitch. Our voting keypads enable Wilco to collect data instantaneously, an important feature that helps to move their event forward smoothly. According to Valentine Ghozlan, Head of Communications at Wilco (and the person responsible for the event’s success), the Angage voting system delivers “smooth and functional progress of the contest”.


Following the event, we asked Valentine for her thoughts on the Angage voting system – and about her experience working with us.What do you like about working with Angage ?“We appreciate how our two Angage contacts, Alicia and Florence, followed us closely all throughout the project. Alicia made us an offer that was tailored to our needs and requirements, while Florence prepared the voting system to ensure that it functioned smoothly and without any hiccups. They were patient, responsive and engaged, from beginning to end.


Did you find the solution easy to use? How was the on-site support ?“We were concerned that the solution may be difficult to control. Thankfully, we were supported by Florence, who arrived prior to the event to test the solution with our technical staff. She also stayed with us throughout the event and even managed the display that showed all our voting results. Her help was instrumental to the event’s success.

Valentine Ghozlan, Head of Communications, Wilco


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