Psychologically Proven, Persuasive Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Get More Event Attendees (Part 2)

The key to any successful event, is filling seats and getting a full house of eager participants.  After all, even the best event in the world won’t deliver a good return on investment (ROI) if your world class speakers are giving their best presentations to empty seats.

If you haven’t already read our previous article in this series, this is a great time to hop over and read it. And if you’ve already done so, welcome back for more tips on how you can pack your event venues with captive audiences. 


Create a compelling call to action

The most successful marketers understand the power of an effective call to action. Truly understanding your target audience, means knowing the signals of pain and pleasure that most powerfully compel them toward action. 

In your case, that means identifying the top things/situations that would make your target audience sit up and listen intently, then showing them how your event will deliver exactly what they’re looking for – whether it’s solutions for improving their finances, a self-development event that could change their lives, or simply enjoy an outstanding evening at an amazing concert. 


Connect with targeted marketing

If you’re sending out marketing emails to a targeted list, don’t simply throw everything at your email recipients, hoping that something will “click” with them.

This type of strategy is akin to going fishing for a specific type of fish, then simply throwing every type of bait you have into the water, hoping to get lucky.  Instead, use your knowledge of what specific people in your life want and value most, then send them emails that speak to those specific wants and desires.

You can even create specific website pages that only they will see (also called “lead pages”), so only their specific needs are addressed – making it more likely they’ll click “Yes” and register for your event.


Psychology in marketing, is about understanding your audience

Improving the response rate to your marketing messages, is all about understand the psychology of your target audience. 

There’s no shortcut to doing so, and “guessing” what your prospective event audiences want by simply generalising them according to psychographics (i.e. “Men like fast cars”, “women love pink”, or “millennials want to change the world!”) will only lead to mediocre results, if any.

Engage your audiences on social media and send them email surveys to get feedback on what they really want. If they’re already at your event, use an event app or survey tool or gain valuable feedback. Remember, you don’t simply want to know what your audiences want – you want to know what they’ll be happy to pay for. And you’ll want this information in as much detail as possible. 

Take the time to understand your prospective audiences’ psychology, then incorporate these psychologically-proven marketing tactics to attract more interested and eager participants to your events.


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